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August 28 2013 4 28 /08 /August /2013 23:11

blondefuckbookkMost people go to Fuckbook and look for someone that they can have some quick sex with. Most aren't interested in dating but for some of us out there who love the more outgoing people for dating, this can be a bit of a bummer. So what can you do to meet people that signed up to Fuckbook for dating? It's simple really: talk to them.


There are a few things that can stand out as markers for someone who is interested in more than sex:


Sense of humor - Someone who has a good sense of humor is usually a personable person and isn't just out there for the sex. Talk to the person and get a grasp on the type of humor they have though...if it's all about sex then that person may not be right for dating.


Openness - Someone who is open about their personal life is someone who is inviting you into it. Take this as a sign that this person is at least willing to try some more long term options.


Friendship - This is a tricky one because it seems to me most guys who are out for sex are also very friendly, so you have to check what kind of friendship it is that they are offering. Are they always talking to you and asking to meet? Then probably not the best person for dating. But if they are just asking about your day and then going on their way then that might be someone you might be interested in getting to know more about.


Those are just some tips to help you with Fuckbook dating and landing girls/guys that love sex but also want a long term relationship.

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June 5 2012 3 05 /06 /June /2012 02:33

blondefuckbookkLots of people out there wonder if Fuckbook is a sex website, then how come so many people say they’re having great luck with Fuckbook Dating?


First you need to understand what is happening here. Women and men both are starting to become more open in their sexuality and more open to talking about it. That means when they see websites like Fuckbook they automatically jump at the idea of being able to talk about their sexual fetishes and what they like in the bedroom. That leads to tons of profiles of women and men talking about themselves and putting themselves out there for a good time. Usually the only thing that happens when people meet from one of these sites is that they have a good time and then move on to the next person. But every once in a while people can meet on a Fuckbook dating site and hit things off so they never need to find someone new. And it happens more often than you think.


Just imagine being able to pick out a potential husband or wife just by reading their profiles and making sure that you’re okay with the fetishes they have and that they’re okay with the ones you have. There’s no embarrassment in the bedroom at trying something new and your girlfriend/boyfriend will always be ready to let you act out your fantasies.


Sounds good doesn’t it? Then you need to see it for yourself, just visit http://www.fbookofsex.com to get your first taste of Fuckbook dating at its best.


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March 12 2012 2 12 /03 /March /2012 05:43

When you see all those banners and links all over the internet for Fuckbook sites, you probably can’t help but think the only beeUTqueenpeople that use them are guys looking for some quick sex. But if you have ever joined up then you would have been surprised by how many women are using it and how many are using it for more than just one night of sex. A great thing about these Fuckbook sites is that the people using them aren’t totally against showing their sexual side and that helps in getting to know them and knowing if they are right for you when it comes to dating and longer term relationships.


Why not try signing up to one of these sites today and instead of looking to get laid try looking to see if there are any girls or guys out there for a more long term thing. I guarantee you you’ll find one or two in your area and you can talk to them and just maybe hit it off. It’s free to sign up at sites like http://www.hotsexbook.com so why not give it a try, just 5 minutes and you could be well on your way to finding that special someone.

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January 20 2012 6 20 /01 /January /2012 10:15

One of the things that make it so hard to get laid on the first night you meet a girl in the US is how many girls are just overly religious. The perfect cure for that is a sex dating site like Fuckbook. Girls that sign up for sites like that aren’t going to use things like religion and morals as excuses and before you know it you’ll have a girl with her legs spread in front of your ready to get busy.



Start your experience today, just head on over to a Fuckbook site like http://www.fbookofsex .com and sign up for free. Then the first thing you should do is do a search for women in your area and see what the field is like. If there are lots of girls then sign up for a silver membership and go from there. You’ll love how many girls you see that you recognize from around town or even women that you remember from being in highschool with them. Imagine, that one girl you always wanted to see naked might have naked pictures up on a site like this! That’s why Fuckbook dating is so damn cool and that’s why it has been growing and growing in popularity.


So start your dating adventure today at http://www.hotsexbook.com where you’ll find tons of women waiting for a guy like you to rescue them from their boring lives and add a little spice to it.

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November 29 2011 3 29 /11 /November /2011 13:20

If you use Facebook for dating then you need to look into sites like Fuckbook. What these sites are are just websites that get a bunch of people together for a very special reason. Unlike other dating sites when the girls want longterm beeUTqueen.jpgrelationships, the girls on Fuckbook are there for mostly sex. They don't mind one night stands (usually) and they are open about trying new things.


That doesn't mean you can't find a long term girl on Fuckbook, you might be able to find a girl that shares the same fetishes and interests as you do and you can live the rest of your life doing all sorts of kinky stuff. On the other hand you will be able to meet tons of hot (and average) girls and if you know what to say to them and how to talk to them then you are bound to get laid off of the site. 


Fuckbook isn't anything new, there have been lots of adult dating sites out there in the past but recently Fuckbook has taken over and become the number one place for people to find other people looking for sex. But enough about me talking about it, why not give it a try? Click here to go to Fuckbook or you can click on the picture of the girl I found on their website. Enjoy!

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September 24 2011 7 24 /09 /September /2011 14:35


Everyone who has ever used the internet knows about Facebook.  It is a great tool to use to keep in touch with friends, family and just people you might want to keep in touch with all over the world.  The problem with it is that it isn't really 

supposed to be used as a dating tool so when you do use it that way you can get some akward responses from the people you contact.

That is why there are websites like Fuckbook, a place where people can meet and talk, and ask each other out on dates without feeling like they are being too forward.  There are people looking for one night stands and people looking to get married.  There is someone for everyone and best of all the sites are all free to search through, so you'll know if you want to sign up and spend money because you get to see the person you're going to talk to.


My favorite thing to do?  Search for people in my area and look at the dirty pictures of my neighbours and old friends with their wives and women that I knew for years and always wanted to see naked.


Try it out, there is a few different ones, Fuckbook and Facebook of Sex are my favorites.

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